DBR de México S.A. de C.V. we are a mexican company with experience in the Oil, Gas & Geothermal business.

¿Who are we?

Since 1998 DBR de México has contributed to the energy sector of LATAM by supplying different kind of laboratory equipment for fluid analysis, tools for oil well services, in addition we provide maintenance services to laboratories and tool equipments.
We had achieve extensive knwoledgeof the energy sector. 

Our servicies

Service and Maintenance of fluid analysis equipment, PVT, Petrophysics equipment and high pressure containers.
Rental & Sale of samples cylinders.
Sensor Calibration

Our products

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Laboratory Equipment for Fluid Analysis

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Laboratory Equipment for Rocks Analysis

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Sampling systems

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Steel Line Equipment for Oil well 

Engineering and Design

DBR has designed and developed equipment according to customer needs, such as laboratories, equipment, parts and tools for the industry. 
Design and configuration of Memory Sensor Validation Laboratory up to 30,000 psi.
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Main offices are located in:

Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mexico,
Una sucursal en Querétaro.

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Internal Offices

We had offices in: 
Cd. Del Carmen,Campeche

Villahermosa, Tabasco.

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Main Clients: Petróleos Mexicanos, IMP,   CFE, Universidades, Centros de Investigaciones y Compañías de Servicio del sector de energía